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Hey there, Wanderers!

Since a young age, I’ve always wanted to help people, but admittedly I had no idea how or in what capacity for quite some time. After I graduated high school, I felt a little lost and in a way it felt like I had no purpose because I was surrounded by friends who were lucky enough to know exactly what they wanted to do. So as my friends began university the following summer, I worked in retail in search for what it is I wanted to spend my life doing. It took me another four years and two diplomas later (veterinary nursing and counselling) to find something that captured my mind, soul and heart. A bachelor in International Development. Essentially this is a mix of the development and humanitarian field, somewhere where I could build a career around helping people. However, being in this course didn’t essentially mean I had chosen a path lied out before me like say someone studying to be a teacher would. Luckily, our course structure required a month away in Cambodia, looking at development and NGO initiatives with my cohort peers. It was here that I fell in love with ethical travel. My trip away, as well as my degree at home, taught me ALOT about ethical travel and why it’s so important (which you’ll come to know in my first blog!).

temples me
   My visit to one of the Angkor Wat Temples in Cambodia, Siem Reap, 21st April 2019.  Worth the heat stroke!

Seeing a new country, so vastly different from Australia, was at first confronting, and considering Cambodia is surrounded in poverty, it was also heartbreaking. The trip taught us a lot about the impacts of tourism on its country from things as big as development to as little as the dramatic consequences of plastic straw use on its environment!. I am so thankful for this experience in Cambodia because it really made me fall in love with something that is so important, that is so crucial for our world and the people that encompass it … ethical travel! The most surprising things I have learnt however in this degree and my travel abroad was how simply we can change our actions and our choices to better impact the communities we visit, whilst still getting those incredible Instagram snaps!.

So what should you expect from this site?

Evidently, this site will be your one stop shop on all things ethical and responsible travel. It will include posts on issues you never knew existed, including orphanage tourism and tourists (and donors!) role in facilitating this, the importance of travelling ethically and of course tips on how to do so! If you have any questions or suggestions on any countries or places you’d like me to write about please shoot me a message!.

The most important thing I want people to get out of this site and these blogs is knowledge, because knowledge is power and I truly believe that when we change the way we approach the small things in our lives, i.e. switching plastic straw use too metal straws, we can create something that is life changing, for the traveller and for the communities we come across. Most importantly, when we know better we can do better!

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